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There's nothing like a perfect fit

Sure you can go to your local hardware and get a cheap, imported, standard size set of outdoor blinds or awnings which might last a few months before Australia's sun, wind and rain tear them apart.

Everyone's house or business requires different sizes and styles to make sure they look perfect, so it's no surprise that most of the time you will require a custom fitted product.  We've been using the highest quality imported and local materials and customising our finished product for over 16 years right here in our factory in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. People come to us because of our experience in measuring and installation together with rigorous quality control procedures which result in the best finish.

If you need custom made outdoor blinds & awnings, you have come to the right place.

Servicing Exclusively Melbourne & Sydney

To ensure you get the best end product, it's important to have experienced people on the ground nearby to visit your building, measure and recommend the best solution for your needs. We only service Sydney and Melbourne with a professional team on the ground to run you through your options. There's a lot of different styles and materials to choose from including the material used in the blind or awning to the structural securing attachment (tracked, free standing) and operation (zipper, hand crank, manual motorised, remote control).

Never stitched or stretched, our outdoor blinds are stabilised with a welding technique that keeps them from unraveling through seasons of use. Heavy-duty marine grade materials and fittings are custom made for durability and are built to withstand the worst Australian weather. Professional outdoor blind installation also gives your home a clean, suave appearance.

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1 – Custom Measurement On-site

After you contact us, we’ll arrange for a suitable time to come out to your house or business to perform a thorough measure and spec of the areas you need addressed. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered such as the materials we’ll be attaching the product to, the space required […]

2 – Recommend Product Options

There’s so many variations to choose from, you could be there all day choosing between materials, finishes and operation add-ons. We’ll next discuss what style you need and what problems you want to solve. Typically all our customers want to either let more light in without being exposed to wind or rain, or they require […]

3 – Custom Manufacture & Install

You can sit back and relax while we assemble your bespoke outdoor solution at our famous factory in Victoria. We take pride in only using durable, high quality materials so you get the best long-term solution. We’ll come back to your place to quickly install the finished product so you can start enjoying your outdoor […]

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Answers to some of your questions

How Much Do Outdoor Blinds Cost?

Our products are all custom-made so it depends which product you choose and for which area. The size of the opening you want to cover determines the amount of materials required to manufacture the end product. We have something to suit everyone’s budget and needs. You really need to arrange for a free estimate where Scott (the owner) and Steve (Service Manager) will measure up and give you professional advice before giving you an accurate quote which includes the price.

What system or product do you recommend?

Again it depends on the area you want covered or enclose and the reason you are installing them. Common considerations you should be mindful of include; weather protection (sun, wind, rain), privacy (transparent or non-transparent materials), functionality (motorised, manual) and aesthetics (fit, style, colour etc.). Ultimately you should leverage our 16 years experience and ask for our advice if you’re unsure.

How long before I can have my blinds installed?

Typically it can take 3-4 weeks after we have measured up your area and you’ve chosen the product you want. Our stringent quality procedures and quality manufacturing process does take a little longer than other providers but the end result is always worth it. If time is an issue, ask about our Express Installation option which is considerably faster.