Local Manufacturing


Local Manufacturing
At Clear Blinds Australia, we make a solemn promise to all of our customers – all of our outdoor blinds and awnings are made right here in Australia. We only sell the highest-quality blinds and awnings, made domestically by experienced craftsmen. All of our products come with a full customer satisfaction guarantee, which means that you can rely on us to provide exactly the right shade options for your home or commercial property.

Clear Blinds Australia is proud to play a part in helping the domestic economy by creating good jobs. We recognise that cheaper models are available, many of them made overseas in countries like China, but we feel that our fine range of high-quality products are worth it. You’ll never have to deal with flimsy blinds that crack after a few years or shoddy workmanship that falls apart after a couple of seasons. We are proud to stand behind our 100 per cent Australian-made awnings and outdoor blinds, with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you are interested in a simple drop awning or want the latest in automated blinds, we offer a full range of products, all of them made in Australia. Built by locals to withstand the bright Australian sun, our outdoor blinds and awnings will stay looking crisp and sharp for years. Assembled with loving care by Australian craftsmen with an attention to detail, all of our models are well-built, with rugged joints and durable materials. Unlike cheaper products from Asia, we never skimp on the quality. Our fine range of awnings and outdoor blinds are all designed for both elegance and comfort.

Some of our competitors outbid us on price by using inferior models made in Asia and elsewhere. While initially cheaper, over the long run replacing and repairing cheap awnings and blinds is more expensive than choosing a quality model from the start. At Clear Blinds Australia, many of our customers have come to us after initially using cheaper Chinese products, realising that only quality Australian-made awnings and outdoor blinds are properly adapted to the weather and environmental conditions in Australia.

Australian homeowners and property managers can make the most of their outdoor living areas, balconies, porches and rooms with our professionally installed awnings and outdoor blinds. We offer an ironclad guarantee on our locally made products, and we will send out a crew of professional installers to make sure that your awnings and outdoor blinds are to your complete satisfaction. Using products made entirely in Australia, installed by a team of professional Australians, every Australian homeowner or property manager is sure to enjoy our wide variety of awnings and outdoor blinds.

If, for some reason, you are in any way dissatisfied with your Clear Blinds Australia blinds or awnings, give us a call. Unlike other companies with overseas customer service centres, your call will be answered right here in Australia. Our company is proud of our fine range of domestically made awnings and blinds, and we will work with you until you are completely satisfied. Choose Clear Blinds Australia for all of your shade needs, and you’ll be helping to keep good jobs and quality workmanship here in Australia.