Outdoor Blinds


At Clear Blinds Australia, we are proud to offer a full range of top-quality outdoor blinds to suit your needs for shade, comfort, and privacy. All of our products are made right here in Australia by professional craftsmen, each one specially designed to handle the unique weather and environmental conditions in Australia. No matter what shade solution you’re looking for, we’ve got the right outdoor blinds for you.

Cafe Blinds

Perfect for cafes, bistros, and restaurants that want to offer unique shade solutions for their customers, our range of cafe blinds can allow you to expand the floor capacity of your establishment. When your patrons want to spend time at the outdoor portion of your establishment to enjoy the fresh air, have a smoke, or enjoy a meal in the company of their pets, cafe blinds will provide unparallelled protection against rain, flying insects, and the sun.

Track Guided Blinds

Nobody likes it when standard blinds flop and flap around in a breeze, or get tangled up in cheap pulleys, ropes, or zips. All of our track guided blinds are built to a rugged but modern design, giving you a stylish way to control exactly how much shade you want on your pergola, gazebo, balcony, or patio. Built to slide noiselessly and securely on a track, a special spring-loaded action makes opening, closing, or adjusting the blinds quick and nearly effortless. Once adjusted, a simple locking mechanism keeps the track guided blinds held securely in place.

All of our track guided blinds are available in a full range of materials and colours so that you can match them with your specific design requirements.

Shade Weave Blinds

One of our most powerful line of outdoor blinds, shade weave blinds are made of a special durable fabric that offers comprehensive shade for your patio, pergola, balcony, or other outdoor area. Because our shade weave products function as an integral unit, you’ll never have to deal with ropes, pulleys, or zips. When the sun is at its most powerful, not one extra ray will get through our shade weave blinds, allowing you to enjoy fresh air in maximum comfort.

All of our shade weave blinds are operated by a single spring-loaded switch, which will quickly roll up or down the blinds, allowing you to lock the blinds in any position that you desire. Our shade weave blinds will also protect you against strong weather with a sturdy locking mechanism guaranteed to keep them in place.

Automated Blinds

When you want the ultimate convenience of one-touch blinds adjustment, our full range of automated blinds is the answer. Perfect for large blinds, or blinds installed in upper windows or other hard to reach areas, our automated blinds can be adjusted with the simple touch of a button on the remote control. Using a whisper quiet motor, the automated blinds will close, open, or adjust quickly and effortlessly.

Dual System Blinds

Our dual system blinds offer a very unique set of shade solutions because they combine the ability to control both light and privacy in your home. Our dual blinds are made from a top-quality shade weave, for blocking light, and a clear PVC material, to maximise privacy.

Because the blinds are essentially two blinds systems in one, you can mix and match different materials and colours to achieve harmony with your home’s interior decorating. The transparent PVC blinds give your home protection against the weather, blocking wind, rain, or flying insects, while the sturdy shade weave fabric will block the harsh rays of the sun. At the touch of a button, you can choose which parts of the dual system blinds to active, achieving maximum comfort and privacy for your balcony, pergola, patio, living room, or porch.