Gear and Handle Blinds

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Gear and Handle Blinds, also known as crank blinds, from Clear Blinds Australia provide a cost-effective, easy to install option for protecting outdoor areas  
  • What is the difference between Gear and Handle blinds and Motorised blinds?
    Gear and Handle blinds are a manual version of their motorised counterparts, an extension handle is used to connect to a winding gear instead of a fully automated solution.
  • What is the cost of Gear and Handle blinds?
    The cost for gear and handle blinds depends on the materials used, the choice of gear system and where we need to undertake the installation. Contact us for the most accurate pricing on our system.
  • Are Crank Blinds hard to install?
    As crank blinds do not have a motor, the installation process is quicker and easier and requires no electrical wiring to be performed, usually crank blinds can be installed in around one hour.
  • How long will Gear and Handle blinds last?
    You can expect your gear and handle blind system to last for at least over 10 years, be sure to discuss our warranty when speaking with our installation experts.