Retractable Awnings

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Retractable Awnings from Clear Blinds Australia provide a convenient temporary cover over your outdoor area so you (and not the weather) can choose between Shade or Sun. Also, known as folding arm awnings, our customers enjoy the ability to conveniently open and close the awnings using an automated motorised system when it suits them.
  • How do Retractable Awnings work?
    Retractable awnings have a folding arm which expands or retracts to the level of shade you require. As the arm expands, the blind roll extends further out to cover your outdoor space - as it retracts, the blind rolls up.
  • Can Retractable Awnings be motorised?
    Yes, most clients prefer to use motorised retractable awnings as this saves the need for a manual gear and handle system. Using a remote control or a switch, you can precisely adjust the shade coverage.
  • Are Retractable Awnings durable?
    Awnings from Clear Blinds Australia are all made of highly durable material designed to withstand the elements. We do suggest that customers retract their awnings to a closed position during storms or heavy rain/hail as this could put unnecessary pressure on the fabric of the awning leading to damage.
  • How long do retractable awnings take to install?
    Awnings can generally be installed in a few hours after the blind has been manufactured and the system is customised to your desired shade area.