Shade Weave Blinds

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Shade Weave blinds are a transparent, wind-resistant and highly durable fabric blind which assist in reducing sunlight and weather exposure in your outdoor area. Clear Blinds Australia manufactures our shade weave blinds locally.
  • How do Shade Weave Blinds differ from PVC Blinds? 
    PVC Blinds are entirely transparent (clear) whereas Shade Weave blinds mask direct sunlight more effectively to keep an area cool.
  • Will the shade blinds withstand the elements? 
    Shade blinds are highly durable against wind and other weather such as heavy rain and hail, that said it is always advisable to roll the blinds up during any heavy weather events.
  • Do you offer a comprehensive warranty on the shade weave blinds? 
    Yes, we offer a replacement warranty across most shade weave products, speak with an installation consultant for more details.
  • How long do the shade weave blinds take to be tailored and installed? 
    Generally we can install your blinds within around two to three weeks after order.