Track Guided Blinds

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Track Guided blinds such as ZipTrak® are the modern solution to poor quality and easily torn outdoor blinds thanks to the unique tracks securely fastening the blind in position regardless of the height it is adjusted to. A great solution to Sunny areas, ZipTrak® blinds also prevent the annoying sound of large blinds waving back and forth on windy days as the blind material is secured into place on the guided track.
  • What are the advantages of Track Guided blinds over Gear and Handle blinds? 
    Gear and Handle blinds often require significant 'winding' in order to open or close the blind. This monotonous action can sometimes take in excess of three minutes. Track Guided blinds on the other hand can easily be lifted or lowered into the perfect position without the need for handles, cords, ropes or zips.
  • Will the blinds get stuck on the track? 
    The high quality manufacturing process of our blinds means that with careful measurement and installation, opening and closing your blinds will be a breeze - your blinds won't be stuck on the tracks
  • Are the blinds transparent? 
    We can fit a track guided system to most types of blind material including transparent mesh or PVC. Talk to our installation experts about the various blind material we can use.